jeju cameliia Luminous + Age Defying Face Moisturizer

by ChokChok skin


The star ingredient is the Jeju Camellia Japonica Flower. We added the extracts from the flowers, seeds, and oil from the seed of Jeju Camellia Flowers for its super moisturizing and anti-oxidative benefits to the skin. Combined with Safflower seed oil, Hibiscus flower extract, and NMN to name a few, it will bring luminous and age-defying results to your face.

Use twice daily after chokchok skin dewy glow serum for optimal anti-oxidative, age-defying results.

Created in Los Angeles and manufactured in Korea.

Tested in labs not on animals.

Our packaging is eco-friendly, and recyclable.

Full Ingredient List & Instructions for Use.

NOTE: For sensitive skin, please do a patch test to ensure your skin is not reactive. You may experience some warm, tingling sensations which is normal and should dissipate after a few minutes. Please discontinue, if you have severe redness or rash.