My Favorite Bloggers

I want to share two of my favorite bloggers/influencers with you. You may already be following them and love them as much as I do. I know them as my style/beauty inspirations and my go-to informational source for health and wellness. Not only are they my favorite blogger/influencers but they are my dear friends. Meet Janet and Melissa. 

Janet Gunn The Grateful Gardenia / IG @janetgunngratefulgardenia

Janet is a lifestyle blogger and influencer I met in Los Angeles about 3 yrs ago through a mutual friend. My first impression of her was how kind and elegant she looked. Of course, she is beautiful, stylish and all that externally but I distinctively remember feeling her warmth and genuineness as I started talking to her. Since then, I am so happy to say that she is one of my closest friends that I met since moving to Los Angeles in 2015. 

Janet’s blog, The Grateful Gardenia is truly an embodiment of her passion to spread the “grateful living”. Her positive energy for life and her curiosity to learn are infectious and worth emulating. 

A few of my favorite sections of her blog are Travel, Monday Mantra, Fitness, and Fashion. Her travel diary is amazing with all the exotic places she has visited and documented. My bookmarks for future trips are filled with all the hotel recommendations and “places to visit” I discovered from her! Janet always keeps me inspired with Monday Mantra which seems as if she has picked those inspirational quotes just for me at the perfect time I needed to hear. And, of course, I love her Fitness section because she is a fitness goddess. She was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader in her earlier years and a lifelong advocate of a healthy lifestyle. She is my go-to person when I need any suggestions or recommendations about anything related to mind and body wellness. And, of course, her Fashion section is my frequently visited site. There, you can find FGXGG, an effortless, easy, chic line of fashion she has personally curated in collaboration with Franne Golde. Some of these pieces have become my staples for sunny Californian style living. 

Melissa Meyers - The Glow Girl / IG @melissameyers

Melissa Meyers

The face behind The Glow Girl is my blogger/influencer friend, Melissa. What struck me when I first met her was her energy of how much she loves what she does. In her blog, she shares her expert advice on all things in beauty, fashion, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. A Glow Girl is confident in her skin, she is kind, and passionate about life. She embraces self-love and lives her life with gratitude while empowering other women to live their lives to the fullest with style and grace - these truly embody all of her in real person. 

Her vision is to bring Glow to all women from inside and out which led to her collaboration with Olie Oil to bring Golden Ray Glow Drops. I love using her oil on my skin as part of luxurious treatment to myself every night to bring the glow to my skin. Her recommendations on clean beauty products are always helpful since I’m all about clean beauty products. She (often collaborates with Janet) is my source of learning about good supplements that will keep my mind sharp and my body healthy. I loved learning about foam rolling by Lauren Roxburgh through one of Melissa’s events she hosted. Foam rolling helps me tremendously to release tension in my fatigued muscle after an intense weight-lifting workout, which I highly recommend as we age to maintain muscle and bone density. 

You will often find Janet and Melissa collaborating as partners to double the effect and fun. As the cutest blogger duo in town, they show us how to live our lives better with healthy minds and bodies as we age. 

So, yes, you can say I am a big fan of Janet and Melissa. I am so grateful they are my friends and two of my favorite human beings. I hope you get to meet them through their blogs and Instagrams. I am sure you will be inspired and love them as much as I do. 

Here is to Gratitude and Glow inside and out... 

My Favorite Bloggers