How we are giving back during Covid-19 Pandemic

This is truly an unprecedented time we are all navigating through. As we were going through this challenging time of quarantining and social distancing, we could not help but notice our healthcare professionals who showed up on cable news media and social media pages with their bruised and red-marked faces due to wearing tightly sealed N95 masks while treating Covid-19 patients.

As a skincare company, we felt compelled to give back and help by donating our hydrating and anti-inflammatory sheet masks to try to help their bruised skin. We reached out to local nurses and doctors to find ways to help. 


So far, we have donated 500 of our sheet masks to 3 different hospitals in California and a hospital in Colorado. We will continue to help as much as we can because we are all in this together!

Thank you to all of our healthcare professionals who are putting their lives at risk to save others! Please stay safe!!

xoxo Clara


How we are giving back during Covid-19 Pandemic